The Oxmox Italy Srl is a company specialized in the production of women's shoes and was founded in 1990 by the synergy of industry professionals, to create collections that are renewed each season, all managed and controlled by the Russian family group that operates on the market since 1965 .
In 2005 he born Oxitaly, a brand created by the Russo Family in order to enclose the synergies of its craftsmen under one brand, in order to fully satisfy its customers and ensure product quality through thorough market research.
Combining simplicity and taste in the choice of materials, it is an accessory perfectly able to join a total look, balancing the absolute comfort and the desire to always be in step with fashion.

"It's important the way we express ourselves in our work.
Our interpretation is the craftsmanship and professionalism.
The craft today is lost and re-interprets as a style.
The style itself is what unites memory, ideology, sentiment, nostalgia, but without the experience the style lost decade and quality.
It does not matter what you say, but how you say it and how it is transmitted."